About Courageous Writers

About Courageous Writers

Dear Friends,

It takes a lot of courage to put words on the page, and it takes, even more, to set them free in the wild and see what develops.

I know because I’m a writer, too.  And writing takes grit.

That’s why the Courageous Writers Newsletter exists.

It will encourage, build-up, and equip the writer in you.

The articles and information featured in Courageous Writers will be focused on the needs of you, the creative author.

The newsletter is sent out quarterly so it won’t be demanding your attention every day. But it will come when you need the encouragement the most. That little boost to keep you on track.

To get you started, I want to offer you a free gift for signing up for Courageous Writers. It’s a set of Self Editing Prompts and Reminders to help you as you put words on the page.

Just click the link to the sign-up, and your gift will be waiting for you in your inbox.

Thanks, and Welcome to Courageous Writers

Bonita Y. McCoy